DEVIreg Smart

Intelligent Electronic Timer Thermostat
with Wi-Fi connectivity and App control

DEVIreg™ Smart is an intuitive programmable
timer thermostat to be connected to WiFi and
DEVIreg™ Smart App controllable from anywhere,
at any time.
The thermostat is primarily used for
controlling electrical floor heating elements. The
thermostat is designed for fixed installation only
and due to the special designed 2-part construction it fits a wide range of frames and sensors.
DEVIreg™ Smart is fast and intuitive to setup
using the App wizard. It has an open window
detector and energy-saving program including an
optimum start/end control ensuring the desired
temperature at the correct time and thereby
reducing the heating costs.

DEVIreg Smart

Műszaki adatok

Rendelési számNévLeírásScale Setting
Resistive load
IP fokozatGarancia

DEVIreg™ Smart

140F1140 DEVIreg Smart Polar WhiteWi-Fi Thermostat 16A / 3680W@230V~IP21 
140F1141 DEVIreg Smart Pure WhiteWi-Fi Thermostat 16A / 3680W@230V~IP21 
140F1142 DEVIreg Smart IvoryWi-Fi Thermostat 16A / 3680W@230V~IP21 
140F1143 DEVIreg Smart blackWi-Fi Thermostat 16A / 3680W@230V~IP21 


DEVIreg Smart
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DEVIreg™ Smart
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DEVIreg Smart
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DEVIreg Smart
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DEVIreg Smart with DEVIsmart App
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