Devicell™ Dry

Devicell™ Dry heat distribution plates provide the perfect solution for quick and easy installation of electrical floor heating under wooden floors.

The combination of an insulating subfloor and a heat-conducting surface ensures optimum heat reflection upwards. As a result, a relatively low amount of power will suffice to provide the desired heating comfort and reaction time. The system can be installed on concrete floors or directly on wooden floors without additional preparation. Devicell™ Dry provides the necessary insulation against the subfloor.

Devicell™ Dry

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140F1130 DEVIcell™5 m²
140F1131 DEVIcell™2 m²
140F1132 DEVIcell™50 m²


DS - DEVIcell_VDCYS302.pdf (1,6 Mb), Irodalom száma: VDCYS302, Nyelv: English, Kiadás dátuma: 27/02 2018

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Floor Heating under Fixed Dry Floorings
Devicell_Application_VAEDB102_hi-res.pdf (5,5 Mb), Irodalom száma: VAEDB102, Nyelv: English, Kiadás dátuma: 13/08 2009

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DEVIcell™ Installation instruction
DEVIcell_InstInstruction_VICYG4ML.pdf (5,5 Mb), Irodalom száma: VICYG402, Nyelv: English, Kiadás dátuma: 31/08 2017

Case Stories
Studio in the garden, Vantaa, Finland
CaseStory - Studio in the garden, Vantaa FI.pdf (1,2 Mb), Irodalom száma: VZIVY102, Nyelv: English, Kiadás dátuma: 19/10 2015

DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue April_19.pdf (16,8 Mb), Irodalom száma: VKLUE202, Nyelv: English, Kiadás dátuma: 27/05 2019
DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue May18 .pdf (8,3 Mb), Irodalom száma: VKLUE102, Nyelv: English, Kiadás dátuma: 07/02 2017

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